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  • What is slotted cheats?
    Our slotted cheats programs are dedicated to serve a small number of members with our exclusive cheats you wont find anywhere else. 
    How to apply?
    You would need to join our Discord and DM the owner and answer the following the questions:
    1. How long has you joined our discord?
    2. What product did you buy from us and what is your opinion on the product?
    3. Do you plan to use our slotted cheats for personal or commercial use(Link if possible)
    4. What is your budget per month and how long do you plan on using our product? 

    After approved, you would need to send me a valid photo ID (work badge, student ID, government ID, drivers license.. etc)
    If you have LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any social media, that would be a bonus
    Then you would need to take a selfie with our website in the background.
    I just want to make sure you are not a BattleEye Agent, and I assume every other slot user would feel safer that way. 
    Your info would be deleted after its confirmed.

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