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    • Cheating Report 4/12/2021

      After another ban wave at the end of last month, the majority of the main stream have been banned. In fact, most of their dev have been awol for longer than one month now. The chances of them returning are slim. This month, we will be focusing on small stream cheat that are not sold in English countries such as qt-radar and ru-esp. 

      Qt-radar is a traditional radar with only esp on a webpage. The benefit of that is without injecting in the game, it avoids the injection bypass being detected, which is 80% how most cheat gets detected. As a matter of fact, the bypass are so easy to detect and so limited that every time there is a ban wave, several cheats would get hit at the same time. It is not like they copy code from each other, it is likely they used the same bypass such as DirectX or discord. BattleEye have these methods dialed down for a long time. Some cheats even go to extend to NVidia control and TenCent Video.

      That being said, Qt-radar gained huge advantage to avoid the process of that at all. At also, it does not write into the memory compared traditional aimbot or silent aim. The only process it does to read the memory and packages and project it onto a chrome tab. If you want to bet your money on one cheat being undetected for longest time, it would be QT-radar. The dev even bought several EU and US server to host the webpages to avoid lags for our radar users. It would my top pick this month.


      RU-ESP finally making a decent comeback after being dead for 2 months. This program is an esp only program. It is used to be the biggest cheat in the world for over 2000 users and caught BattleEye's attention. It took them 2 months to take it down but they finally did. After recoding this time, not many sellers are selling it as of more. It was hugely popular due to the esp functions and how smooth it is. Hopefully it will last as long as it did last time, which is over 5 motnhs. Ridicously unheard of for a public cheat.


      Sentient is also making a comeback after dead for a month, this one does have silent aim and door unlocker. The most op functions is being able to see mods and dev in raid to avoid manual bans.


      Ring-1 was having issues with launching early in the month but it is fixed perfectly for now. It is relatively hard to setup but if you enjoy a fast paced speed killing rampage, it is the cheat for you.

      We will be introducing a matrix to rank each cheating program. The four matrix we gonna use are regality, stability, cost and ease of use

      rageblity:  1/10 You need excellent skills to succeed, especially when you are against a whole team on your radar
      stability: 9/10 Nothing is undetectable, but this is the closest to it
      cost: 7/10 For exclusive US and EU server, the cost is not bad
      ease of use:  7/10 After several times of using it, it should be pretty ez. You can even share the radar to teammates or on an ipad!



      rageblity: 3/10 You need excellent skills to succeed, but it should be give you huge positional advantage
      stability: 6/10 The stability need to be tested by time
      cost: 10/10 Can't beat its cheap pricing for its good coding
      ease of use:  9/10 Not really any issues from our users and useful menu functions


      rageblity:  8/10 Silent Aim would be the top of industry levels, with unlock door functions. really a no brainer
      stability: 6/10 The stability need to be tested by time
      cost: 6/10 For users who like to use small stream cheat that isnt found anywhere else
      ease of use:  6/10 Setup would be harder than normal cheat, and for a good security reason


      rageblity:  9/10 If it is not that sometimes the silent aim fails, it would be 10/10 with time hacking 
      stability: 8/10 Surprisingly very stable for a rage cheat
      cost: 10/10 Can't beat the price if you are running carries or just wan to go on a godzilla vs kong
      ease of use:  4/10 Sometimes idiotic people would find it hard to inject and messing with bios settings, but some ppl have it working for the first time. Contact support if you need help


      That would summon up the cheating report 4/12/2021. Hopefully see your feedback 


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