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The biggest cheating community in Escape From Tarkov!

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  • Welcome to HeadEyEs.Co

    Why We Are Different

    Unlike most other sellers, we ONLY focus on one game: EFT.
    Every product that we list, we have tested for over 7 days and have fully translated them and printed out our own user manual in pdf form.
    I personally would stream in our Discord to showcasing our latest product.
    Our Status update is always on point for our customers to avoid bans 

    The history of EFT Cheat and AntiCheat 
    I began play EFT from 2019 when there was only 4 maps: Factory, Woods, Shoreline and Customs. 
    Back then, you can cheat for wipes without any anticheat program in place. But things have changed!
    BSG almost tripled their BattleEye Budget from 2020! It means cheat selection is crucial to our users.
    We try to avoid all mainstream cheat you see on the front page of google, because that's where BattleEye is going to hit. (Yes, they buy cheat and then decode it)
    Unlike other sellers, we actually monitor the cheat and we really do care about our customers account lifespan. 
    You can be assured everything in our Store is product I would use on my own account.


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